A small, orphaned seagull learns to fish by watching a group of nearby eagles. Thinking that he, too is an eagle, the seagull swoops down to the water to try it himself. However, this angers the other eagles who can’t understand why he isn’t acting like the other seagulls that are scavenging for garbage. Unable to integrate with the eagles or his own kind, the seagull embarks on his own path of self-discovery — and learns a life-changing lesson along the way.

The debut children’s story from author Anthony Graffeo, Seagull the Eagle offers sage advice and stunning illustrations from Brianna Sienkiewicz that are sure to delight readers of all ages.


Anthony Graffeo is from Sandy Hook, CT and is married with 4 boys ranging from ages 4-14. Anthony is also the founder and president of FlipRocks Extreme Footwear. He is an entrepreneur and a seasoned technology professional in sales and marketing. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing. Seagull the eagle was inspired while fishing in Hampton Bays New York at the Shinecock Canal. Anthony saw a Seagull hovering over the water while bait fish swam beneath. The seagull dove and was snatching fish out of the water. Anthony thought to himself how people limit themselves based on their environment and what they are told they can and can’t do. Hence Seagull the Eagle was born. Anthony has a BA with a major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Social Science

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